Snack Crack

The best no bake snack mix in the ENTIRE world. Stop what you’re doing and make this….my fish food recipe has been my all time favorite until now. My only issue with fish food is the baking.. I hate having to bake it. I know that sounds lazy but some times I just want to make a snack and that be that. The fact I can whip this up and set it on my counter… winner. I love taking snacks on trips and I’m headed to Vegas tomorrow with my family and my boyfriend so I’ve made this for our trip 🙂 ❤️ 

* 1 bag of cheddar goldfish 
* 1 box of mini saltines or four cheese or white cheddar cheeze-Its (up to you) 
* 1 bag of oyster crackers 
* 1 package of ranch dressing mix 
* 1 cup of canola oil 
* 1 TBS of red pepper flakes 
* 1 TSP of worechesire 
* 1/2 TSP lawrys seasoned salt (if you like it sallllttyyy)   
– Place half of each type of cracker in two gallon ziplock bags (I do this to mix evenly and throughly) 

– Mix in a small container that has a lid (for shake shake shaking) the magic sauce! (Ranch packet, lawrys, oil, red pepper flakes, Worcestershire) 

– Shake the container to mix everything… like really really shake because the pepper likes to settle at the bottom 
– Stir really fast to get everything off the bottom and dump half of the mixture 1/2 cup into one zip lock bag and the other 1/2 cup into the other zip lock bag. 
– Zip the bags and toss the mixture with the crackers until everything is evenly coated. 
– Add the crackers from one bag into the Other bag making one GIANT gallon ziplock of the most delectable cracker snack ever. 

– Randomly flip the bag over the next few hours or not it really doesn’t matter but I like to do that! 
– After 7-8 hours it’s ready to serve (this gives the crackers enough time to absorb the oil and flavor) 
– Make the day ahead!!!