Honey’s Famous Chicken Salad 

My Honey like I have said a million times before is known not only for her sweet Southern Spirit but also for her fabulous cooking. This chicken salad recipe has been passed down in my family for generations. In our family cookbook it’s called “Mothers Chicken Salad” because my Sugar (my great grandmother) used to make it all the time. This is a staple any time my Honey comes to town or if we visit her. No one can make it like My honey does. Enjoy!!! 

Tip: Add more sugar and miracle whip once you’ve let it sit in the fridge before serving. The chicken tends to soak it up so add some if not serving immediately. 

Once you try Honey’s recipes… You never go back 🙂 


One thought on “Honey’s Famous Chicken Salad 

  1. What a nice picture of you and your Honey! Miss you AA. xo DD
    The recipe looks amazing and I will try the chicken salad!! How are you?

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