Aprons, Cheese Boards and Bunnies Oh My!

  Easter is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with friends and family. In my opinion, no holiday is complete without a fabulous cheese board to start off the meal. Cheese boards are elegant, oh-so-simple, and a crowd pleaser. I think most people are intimidated to take on the cheese board challenge, but really all you need is unique cheeses, olives, nuts, fruits, and even yummy Italian meats. Put everything on a cutting board or tray and label to add an extra special touch. Simple. Simple. Simple. Did I say simple? Most people will think you spent hours putting it together, when in reality it took minutes. Below are a few examples of cheese board arrangements. 

As far as aprons are concerned, get one. Or two. Or three. Why not? They’re so many cute options available now and can make any average cook look like a full blow Food Network star and gives you an excuse not to be dressed up because it makes your yoga pants look cute! Win win in my book. 

So if you take anything from this post, cheese boards and aprons are a YES! 




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