Honey Balsamic Crockpot Chicken with Carrots and Spinach 


Holy cow.. This was the easiest healthy crockpot dinner. I was in need of a healthy go to for my Tuesday night crockpot meal. I have bible study fellowship until 9pm and I came up with this one! After looking in my cabinets for something I could throw together this crazy concoction turned out to be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has a pot roast flavor but with an Italian spin. I couldn’t stop eating. This dish is Madeline approved and she doesn’t even like carrots 🙂

Nutrition: 260 calories per serving (serves 8)  fat: 6.2g  Sodium:360.7mg  Carbs:10.9g Protein: 38.9g

3lbs boneless skinless chicken breast (About four big breasts)

1/2 cup honey infused balsamic vinegar (if you cannot find this than use plain balsamic vinegar with 2TBs of honey) or no honey at all!

1 small bag of baby carrots– You could add more

1 frozen bag of spinach I like to add mine in right before I serve it. (I boil it on the stove for 3 min then drain and stir in)  if you are in a hurry use an organic canned spinach and put it in with the rest of the ingredients to cook all together. 

1 jar of organic medium chunky salsa (I know I was hesitant too but it’s awesome)– or canned organic diced tomatoes probably fire roasted. 

1 chopped yellow onion 

Serve with cauliflower mashed potatoes, brown rice or a sweet potato for healthy sides.


Combine chicken, BVinegar, carrots, and salsa in crockpot. Tenderize chicken with a fork and stir it all around.

Low for 6-7 hours or High for 4

Before serving boil your spinach drain and stir in!! 


2 thoughts on “Honey Balsamic Crockpot Chicken with Carrots and Spinach 

  1. I am going to try the crockpot Honey Balsamic Chicken very soon. Looks delicious. Easy to fix and you are an amazing cook, Anne-Ashley. I love your new blog and I love you more. The Ritz cookie is absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!! Honey

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