Putting on the Ritz Cookie

 These Christmas Cookies are absolutely addicting. Mrs. Virgina had  my sister and I over for the afternoon and these cookies were a product of our visit. If you love peanut butter and chocolate then these are a MUST for any occasion.


Ritz crackers

Smooth Peanut butter

White melting chocolate

Chocolate chips for melting

   Spread peanut butter between two cookies and wipe the excess off around the cookie if it over flows the sandwhich.

Once you have made all of your sandwhiches –dip them in the white chocolate with tongs. Shake the excess chocolate off and place on tin foil.

Be careful not to burn the chocolate in the microwave when melting.

Once you have dipped all of the cookies in chocolate and they have hardened– melt the chocolate chips and pour into a zip lock. Cut a tiny opening in a bottom corner and drizzle the chocolate over the white chocolate. Do not be afraid to be messy!!

Let them dry!!!


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